Alcron Prague – Petr Kuděj Restaurant Supervisor

Petr Kuděj

Restaurant Supervisor

Petr says: “Fine dining is a culinary art that must be felt with all the senses. I like discovering unconventional combinations of flavors – and I also enjoy talking with our guests. I always learn something new.

After my studies and several stints in sunny Italy, I set out to gain further professional experience in England. Here in Czechia, I spent several years working for Zátiší Group, at their Mlýnec restaurant, in the role of Chef de Rang. I later had the opportunity to return to England, specifically to The Hundred House, a hotel where I served as the deputy restaurant manager. During the epidemic, I found employment back home, initially as a waiter at Popovičky Park Hotel, and later as a shift manager at Hájek a Boušová. Czechs may recognize this company under the name Ovocný Světozor. If there are two things I value, they’re my international experience and all the great colleagues I have had the pleasure to work with so far.”


richard bielik vyska

Richard Bielik

Head Chef

Richard Bielik is a graduate of the Hotel College in Prague. This innovative and creative chef began his professional career in his native Slovakia, and subsequently worked in leading Prague hotels such as Mandarin Oriental, The Grand Mark, Augustine and Le Palais. He has also worked at London’s Kitchen W8 with one Michelin star, La Bottega Tusarova, Café Lounge and Taro. His last position was at the Zem restaurant in the Andaz Hotel, whose concept and success he was involved in from the very beginning.

“I like creative environments and variety, which is why I decided to face new professional challenges as the chef of ALCRON restaurant. Alcron is an icon for me, a place with a huge tradition and history where many culinary stars have worked,” says Richard. “I like the way the place looks after the renovation and the direction it is taking. It’s a great source of inspiration for me, and there’s also a really wide space for me to develop further.”

The new menu at Alcron combines seasonality with an innovative approach to local ingredients as well as global trends and the new chef’s favourite techniques. The resulting fusion results in dishes where diners appreciate not only the appealing appearance, but also the full flavour and sophistication – simply complexity in the true sense of the word.

“My aim is to present plant-forward dishes in an attractive form. So that they look appealing and people want to taste them. I will stick to my traditional concept – the dishes will be light, intensely flavoured, complex. The menu will be based on seasonality and momentary inspiration. It will be rotated regularly so that guests can enjoy variety,” explains Richard.

The new menu at Alcron combines seasonality with an innovative approach to local ingredients as well as global trends and the new chef’s favourite techniques. The resulting fusion results in dishes where diners appreciate not only the appealing appearance, but also the full flavour and sophistication – simply complexity in the true sense of the word.

In addition to the permanent menu, which will change regularly depending on the availability of ingredients and current inspiration, the lunch menu will remain on the Alcron menu. Richard’s main vision for this area is simplicity and lightness. The lunch menu should fulfil the attributes of easy-to-eat, easy-to-go and easy-to-prepare. At the same time, it will meet the highest gastronomic demands of Alcron’s guests. Seasonality will again play a key role here, which can be better grasped in this concept.

Richard’s mission is to offer Alcron’s guests interesting cuisine in a family friendly environment with an open atmosphere. An environment where they will love to return with their family, friends and business partners, and where meat lovers will enjoy tempting and tasty dishes side by side with those who prefer plant-based dishes.

alcronprague bar vit kosik

Vít Kosík

Head Bartender

Vít Košík is the Head Bartender of the Alcron Bar and, like Daniel, has been working in gastronomy for over 20 years. He went through various positions in restaurant kitchens and gained experience in this field, among other places, in Australia, where he perfected the bartending craft, which enchanted him. It is an honour for him to work at Alcron, which has been a long-time icon of the Prague gastronomic scene.

alcronprague bar daniel prokes

Daniel Prokeš

Bar Manager

The bar’s manager, Daniel Prokeš, has over 20 years of experience in gastronomy. He started in Italy in the kitchen, where he learned to work with ingredients, and after returning he gradually worked his way up to the position of bartender and later bar manager. He went through several well-known Prague bars and hotels. He sees working at Alcron as a big commitment, “because it’s one of the few hotel bars that has such a long history,” adds Daniel.

Josef Křížek


Josef traveled halfway around the world and cooked in many interesting places. At the same time, there was just a little missing, and one of the talents of the current Czech gastro scene did not cook at all. When Josef Křížek was deciding what he was going to do, he hesitated between working with wood and working with food.

He is grateful for chefs and wonderful colleagues he met and he learned from. Right after graduation, he went to London and cooked for seven years under great chefs from Australia. He then cooked, for example, in the luxurious smelling Abu Dhabi and helped open several restaurants there.

Finally, he landed in the Czech Republic and cooked in the fine dining team of the Augustine restaurant and subsequently in the completely different concept of the Červený Jelen restaurant.

Fresh from September 2023, you will find Josef Křížek in the position of Executive Chef at Alcron in Prague. “It’s an interesting change not only from a purely professional perspective – from professional growth, but also because it’s moving much more from meat to vegetables”, Josef. In the spring of 2023, you could register Josef as František Hrdina’s coach for the most prestigious cooking competition Bocuse d’Or, which took place in Prague’s O2 Universum (he won 4th place).

Lukáš Hrdý

Lukáš Hrdý

EAM, Director of Food & Beverage

Our F&B manager Lukáš, who has returned to our country after years spent abroad, is the right man in the right place. You see, for him, gastronomy isn’t just his profession – it’s his passion. Here at our hotel, he ensures that operations at the restaurant, bar, terrace, and conference spaces run smoothly. He enjoys his morning coffee in Karlín or Vinohrady, home to many charming coffee spots, before taking a stroll through Stromovka or the iconic Nový Svět district.

Alcron Prague – tomáš Vod

Tomáš Vostradovský

Restaurant Manager

“I like it, that’s why I do it” Tomáš’s answer to the question of why gastronomy. He likes good food, drinks, and the hustle and bustle of a restaurant. Thanks to his curiosity he had the opportunity to experience how to operate a top restaurant in London, Oslo, Copenhagen, and here in Prague. Thanks to his work in Grand Cru during the time of Jan Punčochář, wine became a great hobby for him. So Tomáš gradually managed to pass the sommelier WSET Advanced and Court of Master Sommeliers Certified. You are more than welcome.

Tomáš will be happy to take care of you with his team and find the right bottle for you.