Where mixology meets art!

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Special signature drink edition brand newly in Alcron bar from 26th January!

Indulge in the extraordinary as our mixologist, Daniel Prokeš, joins forces with our ambassador – Slovak artist Martin Lukáč to invent one-of-a-kind drinks just for you.

Experience the Red Cloud

A symphony of wine, rooibos tea, and Kentucky Whisky.

Dive into the Splash

Martin’s favorite rum Panabes infused with the exotic touch of passion fruit.

On the occasion of the presentation of hotel merch in collaboration with fashion designer Lukáš Macháček and Slovak artist Martin Lukač, two signature drinks were designed, which were created especially for this event by mixologist Daniel Prokeš in collaboration with one of the aforementioned artists, Martin Lukáč. The first one is called Red Cloud and is composed of wine, rooibos tea and Kentucky Whiskey. The second drink, named Splash, combines Martin’s favorite rum with passion fruit. In the spirit of the cocktail menu of the Alcron Bar, where each of the drinks tells its own story connected with the history of this place, these two cocktails are a celebration of a crucial moment in the modern history of the hotel. 

The drinks that Martin and I created were inspired by the flavors we enjoy. At the same time, we wanted to present cocktails that anyone can make at home with a little diligence. Both cocktails are rather acidic, because we enjoy sour tastes and are generally popular among guests. Martin’s favourite rum is the Mexican Paranubes, which we have supplemented with passion fruit for greater freshness and acidity,

concludes Daniel Prokeš.