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Alcron bar brings you a new punch service – our oldest mixed drink!

Alcron Bar is happy to present you a new chapter in the cocktail menu. The second half of the bar offer is dedicated to the group of punches and punch service, carrying a rich history, fun, originality and a perfectly coordinated combination of flavors.

The history of punch dates back to 1630, when this drink first appeared in India, from where it progressed to England and the rest of Europe, where the so-called Punch Houses and Punch Societies were established. The word “punch” first appeared in British documents in 1632, and it was in the Royal Park that an incredible 300 bottles were drunk in 1792 during the coronation of Emperor Francis I as King of Bohemia. The origin of the word “punch” is derived from the Hindi “panch,” which means the number five – and that’s why we at Alcron Bar bring you five unique punch variants.

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Celebrate with us the moment when history meets the present, the oldest luxury hotel here, but also the oldest mixed drink with a modern approach. Our punches are not only about taste, but also about experience. You can choose one portion or enjoy sharing together with friends and become the host of the punch bowl for a moment,

says Daniel Prokeš, bar manager.

This new chapter in the menu continues Alcron Bar’s tradition of providing first-class gastronomic experiences, linked to history and quality, but at the same time with a modern approach. Punch is served in beautiful punch bowls from the premium Czech glassworks Florianova huť, which makes the overall experience even more aesthetically pleasing.

Come and enjoy the atmosphere and delicious punches in an environment where rich history meets modern luxury.
For more information, contact Alcron Bar at: alcron.bar@almanachotels.com