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26. 03. 2024


On 28th May another Books & Booze issue, this time on the topic “Old Czech Bartending Books”!

At the May Books & Booze meeting, you’ll embark on a journey through the history of Czech bar literature, from its promising beginnings, through the social buzz of popularizing works, to the indelible marks of truly groundbreaking pieces. Expect an exploration of Czech cocktail knowledge as shared by various authors up until the 1970s.

The famous Czech writer Karel Čapek also commented on the production of specific bar literature, rather than the professional kind. In 1926, he exchanged two letters with publisher Otakar Štorch-Marien, persuading him “of the futility of publishing a certain type of literature. I urged you, with arguments and noise, declaring that in the realm of intellectual sustenance, it is better to be a butcher or baker, selling people basic and fresh nutrition, than a delicatessen offering fancy sandwiches. I claimed that in this difficult world, there are more important things for readers than bars, jazz bands, international girls, and other props used to create a certain ephemeral kind of literature, which for simplicity I call bar literature.”

Among those who significantly contributed to the development of the Czechoslovak bar scene was the vocational teacher František Jettonický, who led professional bartending courses and was particularly notable for his three-part manual known as “Education for Waiters and Hosts.”

“We must eat and drink. In good food and especially in good drink lies the joy of life,” is written in the book “American Mixed Drinks.” One of its authors was Berhold Harry Reiman, who was also behind the first Czech bartending organization, the International Union of Bartenders in the Czechoslovak Republic.

The notion that a bartending book need not be authored only by a bartender is also illustrated by the book “Grandfather on the Wrong Path and 333 Other Mixed Drinks.” In it, Ivan Crha presents the contemporary idea of a bartender as “a polished bartender in a white tuxedo with a black bow tie, gracefully moving a silver shaker in rhythm with the orchestra, reflecting off the couples dancing on the dimly lit dance floor.” The shaker held by the bartender is naturally the shaker.

You will also have the opportunity to taste some cocktails supported by the brand: Plantation.

You will learn about this and much more when you join us on May 28, 2024!

Tomas and the Alcron Bar team will always welcome guests in two waves. The first from 17:00 and the second from 19:00, when guests can join at any time.

Everyone who wants to explore the secrets of the world of cocktails and bar culture is cordially invited, and this unique event is open to everyone for FREE! And that’s why you really shouldn’t miss this event!

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