Elias Coffee Shop

ELIAS – a new place, full of flavors and aromas, not only for lovers of good coffee

alcron prague elias cafe main

Do you love well-prepared coffee and would you like to enjoy food with an idea, which is also prepared from seasonal and high-quality ingredients of local origin? Then the new coffee shop ELIAS should not escape your attention. It is located within our hotel Almanac X Alcron Prague while the sister branch of ELIAS with the same concept can be found in the Almanac Palais Vienna hotel in Vienna, which has been in operation since this spring.

The place impresses you at first glance with its pleasant atmosphere, the design works with natural materials and light color tones. The menu focuses on creativity, locality and sustainability, and impresses with tasty and well-thought-out dishes with a unique character.

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ELIAS brings a breath of fresh inspiration to the Prague culinary scene and will soon become a favorite destination for a favorite cup of coffee with friends, a nutritionally balanced breakfast and a quick lunch. If you don’t have time to sit down, you can take goodies from the local offer home or to the office. Or enjoy them on a spring picnic in the park under the blossoming trees…

ELIAS is synonymous with perfectly prepared coffee. It is selected, locally roasted Nordbeans coffee, which is complemented by a wide range of alternative milk. Tea lovers will appreciate Harley & Sons’ permanent seasonal offer. The local hot chocolate is also excellent.

The menu of chilled drinks includes smoothies, local lemonade, ciders, kombucha or unpasteurized syrups. If you’re looking for something really special, try the local signature drink. This is a non-alcoholic mocktail with a very interesting taste, based on homemade lemonade and kombucha.

Part of the offer is a carefully compiled menu, focused on full nutrition and a balance between taste and health. It will serve perfectly as a refreshing lunch or a light snack. You can look forward to delicious salads, sandwiches, wraps, and desserts. Again, local ingredients are the priority here. The emphasis is not only on the taste side but also on the nutritional benefit. All the dishes were created in collaboration with nutrition specialists, so you can be sure that you will not only enjoy yourself but also make something for yourself.

The menu concept works with five benefits for your health and well-being. The unique combination of ingredients in food and drinks supports better concentration and thinking, obtaining quality and gradually releasing energy (for example, before exercise), defending the organism (thanks to the contained antioxidants), regeneration and enjoyment of food. You should definitely try this!