BOOKS & BOOZE with Tomáš Mozr

Books & booze v Alcron Prague

Bar Sessions with Tomáš Mozr, an expert on bar literature

The Alcron has always been one of the leading destinations for lovers of cocktails, gastronomy, entertainment and hospitality.

And so, we’re excited to announce a new series of monthly events that will broaden the horizons of bar culture. We are looking forward to meeting a renowned expert on bar literature, Mr. Tomáš Mozr, who will guide you through fascinating topics, not only from the world of cocktails, their history and present, but also across selected areas of bar culture.

Tomáš Mozr, your guide to the world of bar literature, owns an impressive collection of more than 500 bar books, and not only is he the owner, but he has also read and studied all of these books. His expertise and passion for mixology are contagious, and we guarantee that everyone who attends will take away not only new insights, recommendations for the right books, but also a cocktail tasting experience.

Every month, you can look forward to an informal and relaxed discussion with Tomáš Mozr, where he will share his knowledge, stories and piquancy from the world of cocktails. It’s not about artificial presentations at all, but about free discussion and sharing passions with other lovers of good drinks.

The Alcron Bar team will welcome you with tasting cocktails inspired by the theme. Come and enjoy both the great atmosphere of the bar and moments full of new discoveries, sensual tastes and interesting stories.

Tomas and the Alcron Bar team will always welcome guests in two waves. The first from 17:00 and the second from 19:00, when guests can join at any time.

This one-of-a-kind event is open to anyone who wants to explore the secrets of the world of cocktails and bar culture. Come join us every month and let yourself be carried away into a world that combines knowledge, passion and sophisticated drinking.

Will you take part in six of the twelve themed evenings? You will then become a unique member of the “Friends of Alcron” group and look forward for little surprise on top.
For more information, please contact Alcron Bar at: alcron.bar@almanachotels.com
The whole event is free and that’s one EXTRA REASON why you really shouldn’t miss this event!

Here is an overview of the topics:

JANUARY 30. 1. Ferrand Cognac Rapper vs. The Aristocrat: An Excursion into the World of Cognac
FEBRUARY 27. 2. Fever-Tree, Crodino Drinking and Drinking or Dry February in a Slightly Different Way
MARCH 26. 3. Los Siete Misterios Agave for all the good and the bad
APRIL 23. 4. Gloria How Coffee Came With The Cocktail
MAY 28. 5. Plantation Old Czech Bartender Books
JUNE 25. 6. Citadelle Modern Gin Madness
JULY 30. 7. Angostura, Averna The Language of Herbs
AUGUST 27. 8. Citadelle Hotel Bars
SEPTEMBER 24. 9. Campari, Cinzano Cocktail Hour: Aperitif time
OCTOBER 29. 10. Plantation Rum: the drink that conquered the world
NOVEMBER 26. 11. Wild Turkey Bartending Guides: What to Stick to and Who to Trust
DECEMBER 10. 12. Terroir Champagne Champagne in full swing

Please note that dates might be changed due to the operation of the bar (follow us on IG @alcronbarprague)